Gabby Giffords vs. 50 Cent: Former congresswoman wins the pitch battle

June 19, 2014

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords threw some shade the way of rapper 50 Cent ahead of her gig last night throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Congressional Women’s Softball Team game.

Here’s her Tweet:

Turns out, the Arizona Democrat wasn’t all hat and no cattle: She made good on her boast that she would perform better than Fiddy did when he threw a disastrous pitch at a Mets-Pirates game.

Giffords’s pitch — an overhand that just barely got away from the catcher — was far closer to the plate than her rapper rival’s, which swung way wide, leading some to dub it the worst celeb pitching effort in history, which is really saying something.

You be the judge. Here’s Gifford’s (see about the 9-second mark):


And here’s Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s (see about the 6-second mark):

50 Cent isn't the only celebrity to make headlines for his throwing arm. From Justin Bieber to George W. Bush to the Cookie Monster — here are five of the best and worst pitches by celebrities at Major League Baseball games. (Kate M. Tobey/The Washington Post)


Emily Heil is the co-author of the Reliable Source and previously helped pen the In the Loop column with Al Kamen.
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