GOP aide resigns after porn star ex-girlfriend tweets naughty pic

June 24, 2014

Another political crotch-shot scandal? Apparently former Rep. Anthony Weiner didn’t provide a sufficiently cautionary tale − today, Politico reports that the chief of staff to Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) resigned after a spurned ex-girlfriend tweeted a picture of his penis to the congressman’s official Twitter account.

Longtime Stivers aide Adam Kuhn tells Politico he “used poor judgement in my personal life” regarding the relationship with the naughty-picture-tweeting Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, a former porn star who is married. Allbaugh reportedly admitted to sending the tweet to get revenge after the couple’s breakup, saying she “just wanted to teach the pompous a— a lesson.”

Allbaugh’s Twitter account has been deleted, as have the offending tweets — though the lesson remains: Hell hath no fury like an ex with a Twitter account.


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