Cause Celeb

Cause Celeb: Yankee-turned-musician Bernie Williams promotes arts education

The double threat is in town to lobby lawmakers.

Cause Celeb: Elton John on AIDS funding

The Rocket Man urged senators to keep funding efforts to fight the disease in Africa.

Cause celeb: race car driver Michael Waltrip

Now he's repping the "auto-care industry."

Actress Freida Pinto speaks out about global women’s rights

Pinto invests the power of her Q score and those shut-up-and-listen looks into non-profit work.

Cause Celeb: Can Ben Affleck save foreign aid?

The actor greets his Batman "co-star" on Capitol Hill.

Cause Celeb: Pierce Brosnan urges Congress to step up cancer funding

The 007 actor, who lost a wife and daughter to ovarian cancer, helped launch a new campaign to boost research money.

Harrison Ford had lobbied Congress about cuts affecting private aviation

The actor, whose plane crashed on Thursday, visited the Hill in 2013.

Cause Celeb: former ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost lobbies Hill on vaccinations

The no-nonsense child-care expert didn't even have to resort to her famous time-out chair.

Patricia Arquette calls out Antonin Scalia, post-Oscars

It's the actress vs. the Supreme Court justice over the issue of the equal-protection clause and pay parity.

Danny Glover, the Postal Workers Union’s lethal weapon

On Thursday, the actor will actually join reps from the APWU in contract talks with the U.S. Postal Service.

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