Mix the News

Mix the News: The Mythical CPAC Rager

Hear these sounds wafting through a hotel room door at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center this weekend? You're probably at the right place.

Mix the News: For the snow runner in you

Who among us hasn't wondered what's going through the minds of the joggers carefully pounding the ice-covered pavements of Washington?

Mix the News: It’s quittin’ time

In the last week we lost Brian Williams, (temporarily), Jon Stewart (whose not leaving until the end of the year) and Rosie O'Donnell (who's already gone).

Mix the News: The vaccination debate edition

As you dive into the endless headlines let this week's mix provided by the Black Cat team act as your background music.

Mix the News: Art house film songs to listen to, even if you haven’t seen the movie

Josh Levin, owner of the West End Cinema, names his favorite indie movie songs.

Mix the news: The Christmas edition

Christmas music without the jingle bells.

Mix the News: The Protest Playlist

Community activist Mark Andersen, co-founder Positive Force DC, curates this week's playlist of protest songs.

Mix the news: A musical tribute to former D.C. mayor Marion Barry

DJ Lance Reynolds curated this week's mix featuring Barry-inspired tunes.

Mix the News: Solange’s wedding playlist

According to D.C.'s all-female DJ crew, Anthology of Booty.

Mix the News: A playlist for the political partier

Local DJ curates a sound track for winners and losers (also know as Republicans and Democrats).

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