Celebvocate: Demi Lovato for youth mental health

A continuing series about stars who bring their causes to D.C.: The former Disney Channel starlet wants to be a role model for young people grappling with mental health issues.

By The Reliable Source May 7, 2013

Celebvocate: Kyle MacLachlan for cancer research

One in an occasional series on the stars with a cause who come to Washington. This week's advocate: An actor who lost both parents to cancer and now is active in raising research funds.

By The Reliable Source April 8, 2013

Ashley Judd: A look back at her not-quite Senate campaign

Thank you, Ashley Judd, for the most exciting Senate campaign that never was. We all knew this was never going to happen -- too many residency questions, too many tone-deaf speeches, too many semi-nude scenes. And yet, from the moment some Great Mentioner first floated her name as a possible Kentucky candidate, the incredible click-appeal of this story seemed like it could compensate for its utter improbability.