GOP presidential hopefuls are finding their groove

Yes, campaigning style matters.

James Baker is wrong: The Iran deal can’t be fixed

The framework is hopelessly flawed.

Rubio’s speech is reminiscent of a stirring political icon

Rubio's speech hearkened back to another generational newcomer.

Eight things to learn from Lindsey Graham

The GOP needs a foreign policy encyclopedia in the race

Morning Bits

Must-read links to start the day

More bipartisanship

Put the GOP in charge and things get done

Democrats should learn from Newt Gingrich

Does the left have the nerve to really take out Hillary Clinton?

Can Chris Christie come back?

Is this his last chance?

Congress can stop an unacceptable Iran deal

The larger implication of the Corker-Menendez bill.

How can we be shocked? Hillary Clinton strikes again.

Her shamelessness is understandable given that she's never been punished for her behavior.

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