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Right Turn
Posted at 04:05 PM ET, 06/01/2011

Weiner isn’t sure if it is him?!

I think honest Democrats would agree this is pathetic:

Rep. Anthony Weiner says he “can’t say with certitude” that the lewd photo of a man’s crotch sent using his Twitter account to one of his followers isn’t of him.

“I didn’t send that picture out,” Weiner said in a Wednesday afternoon interview with NBC News. “That’s not a picture of you?” reporter Luke Russert asked.

Weiner responded: “You know, I can’t say with certitude.”

Good golly. He doesn’t recognize his own, er, profile? One can hardly wait for the next installment of Jon Stewart’s mockery fest.

The lack of a pass-the-laugh-test explanation for all this and his continued refusal to either call the police or disclose his Twitter timeline and direct messages put Democrats in a tough spot. Weiner’s effectiveness, indeed his ability to go out in public, is severely compromised and there is nothing to be gained from defending him (as many left-leaning blogs have already demonstrated).

The way these scandals work is that the accused, if he doesn’t confess, is supposed to mount a credible defense that allows his party to avoid dumping him. Weiner isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. How long before a Democrat calls for him to get lost?

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