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Americans want Obama to get out of the way

The people want Congress, not Obama, to lead

It was about Obamacare. Big time.

How 2014 became the turning point in the 'repeal and replace' battle.

The GOP prepares to lead

The House speaker's news conference should encourage conservatives.

Democrats’ problem: No ideas

Democrats' cupboard is barren of good ideas

A Republican wave election, to be sure

A red wave washes over the political landscape.

Is Obama trying to sink fellow Democrats?

The president reminds voters that Senate Democrats were rubber stamps.

Gaffe explosion: Democrats have the worst of the worst candidates

Democrats' self-inflicted wounds multiply.

The GOP is winning on the issues

Republicans go for the win on policy.

Phony independents, fake Obama skeptics

Reid Democrats and compliant independents try to fool the voters.

Scott Brown: Running on national security smarts

Republican hawks have an advantage over Dems

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