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The GOP wave will lift a lot of Senate candidates

Voters reject the president and his party across the board.

Is Sen. Mark Warner in trouble?

Sen. Mark Warner implicated in federal investigation.

Michigan: The closest race getting the least attention

A feisty Republican ties her opponent to Obama's unpopular agenda

The Senate is worth winning

There's a whole lot of evidence that it is a lot better to win than lose the Senate majority.

A one-on-one with Ed Gillespie, Virginia’s happy warrior

Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie spoke to Right Turn about the state of his campaign for U.S. Senate.

The tea party runs out of steam

As the tea party era ends, the race to define the GOP is on.

Chris McDaniel’s loss in Mississippi brings out the worst on the far right

Chris McDaniel's loss in Mississippi brings out the worst on the far right.

The tea party comes up dry

The tea party was defeated across the board Tuesday night.

Where can the tea party win?

The tea party just might be able to win a primary in Mississippi.

Six surprises in the 2014 and 2016 races

It's only May, but expect the unexpected.

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