Democrats are losing a filibuster fight

Democrats are the creators of dysfunction

The culture wars aren’t going away

Even if policy issues aren't in the political realm, voters care deeply about them.

The art of compromise on the Supreme Court

The art of compromise on the Supreme Court.

Can either of these guys win it?

The Virginia gubernatorial race has turned into a comedy of errors by the two major party candidates.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Retire? No way!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives away the game.

Abortion polling

New polling suggests weakness in support for abortion on demand, anytime and for any reason.

Rick Perry regroups on the abortion fight

Pro-life advocates need to stick to what is important in the abortion debate.

Post-Gosnell legislation rocks pro-abortion groups

The House moves to curb late-term abortions.

Gay marriage, abortion and social conservatives

Many social conservatives and libertarians break with the right on gay marriage acceptance, but not on opposition to abortion.

Gosnell verdict will force a rethinking about abortion

Now the soul-searching starts.

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