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As dangers spread, Obama sticks to half-measures

Obama resists a serious war plan.

Obama isn’t napping, he’s surrendering

Obama recedes, jiahdists surge

Obama listens to no one, and chaos ensues

President Obama ignores foreign policy advice, to his detriment.

Taliban terrorists released

Taliban prisoner exchange unleashes a backlash.

Obama’s cynical foreign policy speech at West Point

President Obama's West Point speech should trouble us all.

No praise for Obama’s inflexible Afghanistan deadline

The president's 'illogical' deadline makes perfect sense if you understand his mind-set.

Why do the troops think so little of Obama?

The troops don't respect President Obama.

Obama about to repeat Iraq disaster

The president seems poised to leave Afghanistan to the extremists.

Gates should have waited? Nonsense.

The Gates book comes out just in the nick of time.

Gates’s opening

Robert Gates's book spells trouble for the administration and Hillary Clinton.

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