Defending defense spending

Will Congress reform the Pentagon AND adequately fund it?

Signs of potential legislative trades?

There are pro-growth measures both sides could accept

Ben Sasse is smart: Focus on the real spending issue

Listen to Ben Sasse: It's time to stop fixating on the small stuff and go after entitlement spending.

Budget drama: Winners and losers

A wild ride, but no shutdown.

Heading toward a budget deal

The shutdown squad is shut down.

Defense spending bill passes, sequester must now go

The National Defense Authorization Act passes but the sequester cuts to the military must go.

Let Obama pay the price for his immigration action

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) has a workable plan to counter the president's immigration action.

Elections should dispel the libertarian delusion

The limited appeal of eliminating government.

Obama cries crocodile tears over defense cuts

The president who slashed defense inveighs against defense cuts.

Dumb budget politics

Penny smart, election foolish.

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