And now there is tax reform

The GOP has an opening to champion the little guy in the context of tax reform.

George W. Bush’s legacy grows more impressive

With nearly all George W. Bush's tax cuts made permanent, the former president records begins to look distinguished.

The lapdog media

The media never asks Obama the tough questions.

Boehner Plan B: House Republicans humiliate their leader

By shutting down Boehner's Plan B vote, the House GOP shows its political cowardice.

Boehner still working on a deal

Speaker of the House John Boehner isn't done negotiating yet.

For Obama, deal or no deal?

John Boehner makes a new offer to avoid the "fiscal cliff," but can Obama work his way to "yes"?

Ten sure bets

We don't know if we will head into another recession, but while we wait for that, I would wager the following will occur.

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