Don’t blame ‘micromanaging’ for our national security debacles

The president constantly seeks to avoid blame and rebuff demands for policy correction.

Confirmation hearings provide an oversight opportunity

Getting to the bottom of the Obama foreign policy disaster.

Chuck Hagel predictably fails

The hapless Chuck Hagel leaves, but simply replacing him is no panacea for the administration's ills.

Who is in charge of this administration?

The Pentagon chief sounds like someone else is responsible for the devastation of our armed services.

Chuck Hagel, in the dark — still

Secretary of defense isn't actually doing anything.

Serial unkept promises on national security

The president has abandoned our troops, our allies and oppressed people around the world.

Cruz, McCain and Romney: Missed manners

Mitt Romney, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. John McCain showed the benefit of good manners and the peril of rudeness.

Hagel confirmed 58-41

Chuck Hagel is confirmed by Hagel Democrats.

The GOP 27

Who really defended defense in the Chuck Hagel fight?

Hagel confirmation winds up

What have we learned during the Chuck Hagel confirmation fight?

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