Election eve in Virginia filled with emotion, nostalgia

In Northern Virginia, a final rally for the GOP ticket.

Could Ed Gillespie be the upset of the night?

Could President Obama sink Mark Warner?

Mark Warner’s debate from hell

Gillespie draws blood in debate

Is Sen. Mark Warner in trouble?

Sen. Mark Warner implicated in federal investigation.

Mark Warner on the defensive thanks to McAuliffe

Sen. Mark Warner voted for budget cuts; now Virginia feels the pain.

A one-on-one with Ed Gillespie, Virginia’s happy warrior

Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie spoke to Right Turn about the state of his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Virginia Republicans bounce back?

Virginia's Republican Party still has a pulse.

Why Virginia Republicans are smiling

A strong Virginia Senate candidate buoys the GOP

How to talk like a person: Ed Gillespie’s seminar

The Republican vocabulary has gotten stale.

Yes, Mark Warner is beatable

Ed Gillespie is going after Mark Warner's Achilles heel.

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