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My interview with Jeb Bush

The former Florida governor may be the most interesting candidate, but will he run?

A win for Mike Pence and Indiana kids

Indiana demonstrated you don't need Common Core to get federal money

More Common Core silliness

Common Core opponents indulge in demagoguery.

Common Core critics offer too little, too late

Common Core's critics' common problems.

Nope, immigration reform and Common Core aren’t toxic

Immigration reform and Common Core aren't turning off GOP voters.

More worthless diplomas

For all that money, the schools are not getting any better.

Common Core, uncommon opposition to standards

The Common Core is commonly misunderstood

The fight over the Common Core standards is misguided

The fight over Common Core is misguided; there are real issues to debate.

The best of Bill Gates

His greatest achievement was not creating Microsoft

Apologies all around

More politicians should apologize

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