President Obama’s sad view of America

The president weighed in yet again on the George Zimmerman trial, undoing some of the closure he had provided earlier.

Will DOJ attorneys think twice?

DOJ attorneys risk charges of professional misconduct if they bring a case without factual grounds for conviction.

Obama can’t stop politicizing the courts

President Obama views courts as politics by other means.

George Zimmerman acquitted

George Zimmerman is acquitted; many are disgraced.

Zimmerman prosecution: ‘Justice’ or travesty?

The Zimmerman trial exemplifies abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

Zimmerman deserves a fair shake in court, if not the media

What the left-wing media said the George Zimmerman trial was about and what it really is are entirely different matters.

Zimmerman’s prosecution: Vigilante justice?

Columnists can rail but prosecutors have to prove a legal case beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why the Zimmerman case is a travesty.

Any second thoughts on second-degree murder?

George Zimmerman's trial is a travesty and many in the media are complicit.

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