How to prevent chaos at the first GOP debate

The point is to help voters make a choice.

The top 3 2016 hopefuls

No frontrunner, many quality candidates

Don’t count on Hillary Clinton self-destructing

Betting on Hillary Clinton's self-destruction is a recipe for disaster.

10 takeaways in the GOP race

What we've learned so far.

Who flunks — and who passes — the beer test?

Who would you rather have a beer with? Bet it's not Hillary Clinton.

GOP unity on immigration; just one dissenter on foreign policy

More agreement than you might think.

Perry: The value of empathy

Perry shows a surprising side

Rand Paul’s unfortunate timing

The senator from Kentucky is going nowhere.

Imperfect candidates, but a very flawed opponent

Candidates don't come made to order.

Rick Perry talks to Right Turn

The former Texas governor demonstrates substantial knowledge and something to say on foreign policy.

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