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Rick Perry and Scott Walker get more impressive with time

Two candidates rising to the occasion.

Rick Perry gets it, slams Obama for ‘random’ comments

A governor and a prime minister get what the president does not.

Rick Perry’s breakout moment?

Perry has money to fund a second act.

Mitt Who?

The rationale for a third run does not hold up.

Rick Perry goes to New Hampshire

A bold Rick Perry agenda could get the jump on rivals.

Rick Perry speaks in London

The Texas governor delivers a stemwinder

Obama ruined it for unqualified candidates

The argument for winging it in the Oval Office is much harder to make.

Applying what Perry learned in 2012

What Texas Gov. Rick Perry learned in 2012 that potential 2016 opponents need to learn now.

GOP base eats up appeal to strong leadership, hawkish foreign policy

Gov. Rick Perry wins the crowd with a tough foreign policy appeal.

A Texas duel in 2016?

Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz will battle for the base in 2016

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