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Will we fight to win?

Politicians need to be as realistic as the voters are.

Obama’s ineptness prompts a hawkish revival

Failed foreign policy and feckless leadership spawn a hawkish revival.

Americans want victory over jihadists, not an airshow

Americans disapprove of a losing war strategy against the Islamic State.

Why we need Panetta’s insights now

Panetta is doing the country a great service.

More problems for the phony Obama-Clinton Iraq narrative

Another witness vs. the cover story

He’d be a much better president than Hillary

The best Democrat yet not running for president

No legal exceptions for Rice and Panetta

Susan Rice and Leon Panetta should not be given different legal treatment than ordinary Americans and should be held accountable for their conduct.

What Panetta should be asked

Leon Panetta should be asked some critical stories about our national security.

Qualified defense secretary candidates abound

President Obama has much better defense secretary candidates than Chuck Hagel.