DOJ: Gun violence down, semi-automatics a minor issue

A new Department of Justice study undermines the premise of anti-gun advocates' legislation.

Gun symbolism, not violence prevention

Is the gun legislation merely symbolic at this point?

Obama banks on parents of Sandy Hook victims

The president is reduced to using parents of slain children to save his second term.

The gun control vote and Harry Reid’s problem

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Fire, aim, ready

President Obama's anti-gun lark may cost him and his party dearly.

Why Obama is losing on anti-gun legislation

Ten reasons why President Obama isn't going to get what he wants on guns.

Obama’s gun histrionics wearing thin

President Obama’s anti-gun speech on Thursday was as cloying as it was purposeless. He played every heartstring and wrung every tear he could: “It’s been barely 100 days since 20 innocent children and six brave educators were taken from us by gun violence — including Grace McDonnell and Lauren Rousseau and Jesse Lewis, whose families […]

Joe Biden’s gun ideas

The Post reports: Vice President Biden said Thursday he sees an emerging consensus around “universal background checks” for all gun buyers and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines as he completes the Obama administration’s broad study of ways to curb the nation’s gun violence. But the National Rifle Association, a participant in an afternoon meeting […]

We must do more to protect schools

When attending a school concert, thoughts turn to Connecticut.