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In praise of stalling

Choosing not to make deals in some areas is wise.

Christie’s tough take on national security

Christie shows his national security credentials

Marco Rubio to the NSA’s rescue?

Anti-NSA lawmakers are in an untenable position.

Posturing on the National Security Agency ruling

What do Republicans think about the NSA ruling?

Ted Cruz’s hypocritical efforts to become more mainstream

He no longer scorns mainstream views,

The phony war against jihadists

Who will speak the truth about the war against jihadists?

Americans want national security

Hawks are in tune with the public.

What Constitution is Rand Paul reading?

His ideas about our justice system range from the odd to the dangerous.

Ted Cruz erratic on national security

Ted Cruz knows better than to advance the arguments he does.

Rubio and McConnell recognize NSA’s utility

Leahy's bill separates serious defenders of national security from the posers.

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