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In praise of stalling

Choosing not to make deals in some areas is wise.

A meaningless State of the Union

The president is out of ideas, offering only partisan confrontation.

Obama McGovernizes the Democrats

A party as radical as Obama can't win in 2016

Political gifts

Some got jewels and others a lump of coal.

They would like mulligans

A lot of politicians did a lot of silly things this year.

What if Obama had been honest?

The president's aversion to honesty has ruined his presidency

The country has had it with Obama

The hoped-for healer has become the great divider.

Politicians aren’t helping heal the vast partisan and racial divide

Politicians seem to make things worse.

Don’t blame ‘micromanaging’ for our national security debacles

The president constantly seeks to avoid blame and rebuff demands for policy correction.

Beyond Obama

Republicans will need to pick up the pieces of the president's foreign policy wreckage.

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