Obama stuck in a ditch

President Obama will have a hard time getting out of the ditch.

Obama overwhelmed

The president's patina of competence is gone.

Obamagirls (and boys) are over him

President Obama has lost his fans and his campaign touch.

You can keep your excuses

No amount of spin is going to get the president out of his self-made jam.

The presidential leadership crisis

The problem isn't polarization; it's leadership.

Hamlet should be on stage, not in the Oval Office

President Obama plays the victim instead of leading the country.

Obama can’t stop politicizing the courts

President Obama views courts as politics by other means.

A drifting presidency

President Obama's standing is getting worse and isn't likely to be reversed anytime soon.

Amateur hour at the White House

In foreign and domestic policy the flubs and missteps pile up until no one knows what the president really wants or how he is going to get it.

How bad is it for Obama?

President Obama's second term has barely begun, but is he out of things to do?

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