Perry steps up on foreign policy?

Perry as a credible commander in chief

Run all out vs. Obama’s foreign policy

Jeb Bush and others need to repudiate failed policies -- in their entirety.

Ukraine sold down the river, again

Europe appeases Putin, Obama applauds.

A weak America means human rights disasters

Obama divorced human rights from national security and we got neither.

Unanimity at last: Obama is delusional on foreign policy

Again and again Obama misrepresented the threats and our responses.

Let’s not kid ourselves about the world

The president's foreign policy blind spots put us in a bind.

Iran escapes isolation; Obama frantic for a deal

Iran is getting exactly what it wants.

Hillary Clinton forgets her part in a disastrous Russia policy

There are many questions for the newly hard-nosed Clinton.

The U.N. bolsters Putin

Another anti-peace, anti-human rights move

Obama’s parallel universe: Ukraine is a success?!

The president thinks debacles are wins.

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