Eight things to learn from Lindsey Graham

The GOP needs a foreign policy encyclopedia in the race

Obama blew it on Syria, by his own admission (sort of)

Obama figures out Assad must go

Will we fight to win?

Politicians need to be as realistic as the voters are.

On the Islamic State: Marco Rubio leads, Ted Cruz postures

Marco Rubio leads, Ted Cruz postures.

A weak America means human rights disasters

Obama divorced human rights from national security and we got neither.

Israel vs. Iran: Which side is the administration on?

Obama is facilitating Iran's ascendancy.

Let’s not kid ourselves about the world

The president's foreign policy blind spots put us in a bind.

Obama gives democracy the shaft

Totalitarians, autocrats, secular thugs and Islamist mullahs -- they all receive Obama's indulgence, cooperation, assistance and restraint.

Getting the war right and over ASAP

It is time to debunk the idea that we can't move swiftly against the Islamic State.

We are not going to defeat the Islamic State this way

We can't destroy the Islamic State without changing our war plan.

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