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As dangers spread, Obama sticks to half-measures

Obama resists a serious war plan.

Obama won’t defend Western civilization

Obama is unfit to lead the West against the onslaught of jihadism.

What is our response to the grisly murder of the Jordanian pilot?

The president is all talk and no leadership while we are at war.

George Shultz and Tom Cotton have it right

A former secretary of state and a freshman senator guide us through a dangerous world.

Obama won’t act to destroy the jihadist threat

Obama goes to war against Congress and Israel, not jihadists.

The phony war against jihadists

Who will speak the truth about the war against jihadists?

Americans want national security

Hawks are in tune with the public.

Liberals get it: Obama is hopeless on national security

Obama is entirely unfit to lead at a critical juncture in history.

20 reasons Obama’s no-show matters

A long list of reasons Obama's absence at the Paris march was so serious.

Jews, Europe and Western civilization

Will Europe defend itself?

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