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Rosenwald, Md.
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Posted at 11:04 PM ET, 08/11/2011

GOP debate’s bell provokes a different response from dogs

Tuned into the Republican debate tonight to find that it drove my dog Andy insane.

He was in the kitchen eating. The debate moderators rang the bell to stop a runaway answer. Andy came bounding out of the kitchen barking his little Schnoodle head off.

Fox’s bell is essentially the same bell as my doorbell — and the rest of America’s.

Twitter is filling up with tweets about dogs similarly losing their minds. A simple search for the words “dog bell” turns up dozens, if not hundreds, of tweets.

Tweet: “Every time the bell rings in the Repub debate, our dog starts barking. No, Lola, Mitt Romney is not at the front door.”

Tweet: “My dog asleep, keeps kicking me when Ron Paul talks. Motionless when the bell rings. I knew he was different.”

Tweet: “Everyone in my feed has a dog freaking out over the warning bell.”

Tweet: “Every time they ping that little ‘time's up!’ bell, my dog thinks someone is at the door and barks. He's dumb.”

Even CNN editor Mark Preston had problems, tweeting: “Guinness — my dog — growls everytime the debate bell sounds. I bet she would eat the dog food.”

Did your dog bark at the debate?

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