For political strategist Hilary Rosen, same-sex marriage debate is also personal

On the day that the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments on two same-sex marriage cases, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen writes about how the quest for equality for gays and lesbians has affected her personally.

Rosen, who is a lesbian, describes her feelings at one point during a debate on the issue on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”:

I sat next to Ralph Reed, a man with whom I have always had a very cordial, even friendly, relationship, as he talked about how much better off my children would be if I weren’t their parent.  Of course, he didn’t say that directly – he quoted scientific studies (that have been debunked) and unnamed experts to make his point.  But it was an unmistakable point that seared my heart for the first time I can remember while I was on TV.


You can read Rosen’s full column here.



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