The hilarious tampon service ad that nails pre-teen, pre-menstrual angst

HelloFlo, the tampon delivery service that brought us the viral  “Red Badge of Courage” ad last year, has a new winner in “First Moon Party” that perfectly captures the pre-period FOMO many tween girls feel when their friends start menstruating.

The ad is reminiscent of Judy Blume’s “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?” but with an even more proactive main character.

Katie can’t wait to join the “cherry slush club,” so she fakes a period, lies to her mom, then becomes the guest of honor at the world’s most elaborate and mortifying theme party. A boy band, with a tween-age hunk as the front man, warms up the crowd before the “vagician” is scheduled to perform, and granddad goes bobbing for ovaries as the feminine-care gifts pile up.

HelloFlo’s pitch for their “Period Starter Kit” is a nice change after decades of overly-precious feminine care product marketing.

Our favorite fictional ad woman would totally approve. (Via The Cut)


Natalie Jennings is a Web producer for PostTV.
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