The touching tribute to Leonard Nimoy from space

American astronaut Terry Virts took a photo of the Vulcan salute, underscoring Nimoy's influence on space exploration.

Meet the Cuban press

The largest assemblage of Cuban media in Washington in decades came to cover the second round of talks between the two nations Friday.

Lupita Nyong’o’s stolen Oscar gown appears to have been found

The gown, estimated at $150,000, was found in a hotel bathroom.

Here’s why ‘Sex Box’ can’t actually work as a long-term TV show

The We TV show is more focused on how "crazy!" it is than actually helping the couples.

Kelly Osbourne quits ‘Fashion Police’ days after Giuliana Rancic’s controversial Zendaya comments

The network didn't clarify the reasons for Osbourne's departure after five years on the show.

Leonard Nimoy’s final public words: ‘Live long and prosper’

"A life is like a garden," the "Star Trek" star tweeted several days before his death.

A long-missing Picasso was found in a FedEx package marked as a low-value handicraft

Picasso's "La Coiffeuse," stolen from a Paris museum, was seized in Newark after smugglers tried to ship it to the United States.

Why Washington is the capital city for comedy

comedy specials filmed in dc

George Takei, William Shatner mourn the death of ‘Star Trek’ star Leonard Nimoy

'He was an extraordinary man,' Takei said.

The Jewish roots of Leonard Nimoy and ‘live long and prosper’

Leonard Nimoy first saw what became the "live long and prosper" Vulcan salute as a child, long before "Star Trek" existed.

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