Conan O’Brien goes to Cuba: The 5 most ‘Conan’ moments

From making fun of his employers to doing the string dance, Conan stayed true to himself even during historic trip.

Curtains for Ballet San Jose? Troupe led by Jose Manuel Carreno faces shutdown

You might think of Silicon Valley as awash in youthful exuberance and money, enough to keep a medium-size ballet company afloat. But Ballet San Jose, a troupe of 32 dancers led by dance star Jose Manuel Carreno, will fold if it doesn’t raise $550,000 by March 14, officials announced.

New designers turn to nudity to make a splash at Paris Fashion Week

It gets attention. But gynecology is not part of fashion's mission statement, says our Pulitzer-winning critic.

‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ scandal update: European desk designer speaks out

Riveted by this benign furniture reality show's twists and turns? You're not alone.

We know it’s just the MTV Movie Awards. Still, we have problems with these nominations.

Even when you account for the absurdity of the categories, MTV is just plain wrong on some of these.

Grateful Dead fans need a miracle — and a few thousand dollars — to see final shows

As fans get shut out of tickets for final concerts, the secondary market goes crazy.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss to headline ‘Lead Belly at 125′ tribute at Kennedy Center

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss top an all-start roster of musicians celebrating "Lead Belly at 125" at the Kennedy Center on April 25.

Don’t click on this if you’re allergic to cats

Cats Rights Activists claim Lynne Truss’s new novel is ‘anti-cat.'

‘Pretty Little Liars’ recap Season 5, Episode 22: ‘To plea or not to plea’

A breakup, an arrest and several Shakespeare references.

‘Justified’ recap: Love is complicated

Recap of Justified episode "The Hunt"

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