Tink, Deap Vally, Oneohtrix Point Never: Critic’s Notebook

Notable recordings from the world of pop music.


As Chicago’s electric young rap scene continues to spit out new mix tapes like a wood chipper, don’t miss “Boss Up” from Tink, an 18-year-old who has a tremendous gift for sneering similes. She describes herself as a “rapper-slash-singer,” asserting those talents in equal measure on “More,” a Young Chop-produced tune about smirking your way to the top. She’s on her way.

Warning: This song contains explicit language.

Deap Vally

Rock bands are still chasing after the ghost of the White Stripes, but on its new album, “Sistrionix,” this California duo come closer than most, putting the lessons of Jack and Meg into action: Make the guitars sound like ancient spirits or broken household appliances. Make the drums feel like kicks and punches. Sing about cretins, babes, true love and the end of the world in an almost obnoxious timbre. Never flinch.

Oneohtrix Point Never

With “R Plus Seven,” his strongest album as Oneohtrix Point Never, synth wrangler Daniel Lopatin continues his quest to reconcile new-age cool and cyberpunk anti-cool, creating music haunted by its own disembodied sensuality. It feels like visiting a day spa in virtual reality.

Chris Richards has been the Post's pop music critic since 2009. He's recently written about Bjork's radical humanity, the spiritual endurance of Willie Nelson and the secret utility of rock star trash talk.
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