The epic 2014 Oscars were as long as 1.2 Wolf of Wall Streets

This year’s Oscars felt … long. Not 2002 long, when Whoopi Goldberg kept her audience questionably enthralled for more than four hours. Not “Lord of the Rings”-trilogy long. But the live broadcast did stretch on far past the 180-minute run time of “The Wolf of Wall Street” — a film deemed “epic” by more than one critic, and exhausting by more than one viewer.

In fact, when you stack this year’s Oscar broadcast next to this year’s best-picture nominated films, it’s hard to see how anybody sat through the whole thing.

Contrary to popular myth, however, the Oscars haven’t actually gotten longer each year. After swelling from less than two hours in the ’50s to a bloated 4+ hours in the early aughts, Oscar run-times plateaued — perhaps because producers realized they were beginning to try our collective patience.

Alas, it looks like they might be trying it again: This year’s awards, at three hours and 36 minutes, were a full 20 minutes longer than last year’s … and last year’s ran longer than 2012 and 2011′s.

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