Emmy Award ratings: How many people watched on a Monday in August?

August 26, 2014

While there was a lot of concern about what would happen to TV audience numbers if the Emmy Awards took place on a Monday in August, the ratings are in: And it didn’t really matter.

Despite host Seth Meyer’s jokes about the show’s less-than-stellar time slot, NBC’s telecast actually did very well, averaging a little less than 16 million viewers. That’s about two million less than last year’s CBS audience of 17.8 million (which NBC points out was bolstered by a September airdate and football lead-in). Besides that, it’s the most-watched Emmy Awards since 2006, when 16 million tuned in to see host Conan O’Brien — also on NBC.

Obviously, it beat everything else on TV Monday night. And even though football starts soon — so this record won’t stand for too much longer —  NBC also boasts that the Emmy Awards were the most-watched night of network television since the Oscars in March, which scored 35.2 million viewers. (Yeah, there’s still quite a difference between TV and movie award shows).

For comparison’s sake: MTV’s Video Music Awards attracted about 8.3 million viewers on Sunday night, down from last year’s 10.1 million who caught Miley Cyrus’s still talked-about opening twerking performance.

Yet as Caitlin Dewey reported on The Intersect, while the Emmy Awards may have been a hit in TV viewership, the ceremony didn’t do so well online, even though NBC promised the show would be “the most social experience ever.” There were about 215,000 tweets sent over a 24-hour period about the Emmys, compared to 2.2 million for the Grammy Awards and 1.7 million for the Oscars. (Nielsen Social estimates there were 1.1 million Emmy tweets total.)

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Emily Yahr · August 26, 2014