Michelle Obama lifts 35-pound weights and dons boxing gloves in the gym

She does not sweat.

How the fake ‘Mad Men’ Twitter accounts will go on after the show ends

Will @SenileDonDraper ever retire?

  • Dave Nuttycombe
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  • May 17, 2015
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Jonathan Franzen, will you sign my Kindle?

A new Web site called Bound & Dedicated helps readers share the stories behind their favorite signed books.

How to find your doppelganger on Facebook

Thanks to social media, Niahm Gearney found her "twin stranger" just an hour from her home. But what's the science behind their resemblance?

This video perfectly describes your upstairs neighbors

How comedy network Above Average aced this for-the-Web sketch.

Bill Cosby speaks! (Sort of, and about football and Rudyard Kipling.)

The comedian bizarrely re-entered the press world this week.

‘Revenge porn’ distributors are finally seeing legal ramifications. This Web site owner will go to prison for 18 years.

Kevin Bollaert, 28, allowed more than 10,000 private explicit images to be posted on his site, along with identifying information for each victim.

How Yahoo News ruins journalism

Chris Lehmann, former managing editor of Yahoo News’s news blog, reports on what he saw at the devolution.

Emperor Franzen Twitter account suspended

Almost five years after it was created to poke fun at literary pretensions, the parody account maintained by comic writer Andrew Shaffer has been silenced.

This freaking app can sanitize the [heck] out of any book

Clean Reader automatically obscures profane words in e-books purchased through its store.

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