Madonna takes a bad fall on stage at the Brit Awards. Really bad.

Here's how you (inadvertently) steal a show.

Why Lady Gaga needs ‘American Horror Story’ more than it needs her

But what a fitting role, huh?

Month’s best music: Metro Boomin, Jib Kidder, Colleen Green and more

A ranked selection of notable new recordings we heard in February.

Why is everyone so surprised that Lady Gaga can sing?

The consensus is that Lady Gaga sounded really good at the Oscars. Why are we so surprised?

The fashion trends of the Oscars 2015 red carpet in photos

We examine the fashion trends of Hollywood's biggest night.

Teen dancer who asks ‘who needs two arms?’ absolutely slays her hip-hop solo

Being born without a right arm below the elbow never stopped Lexi Daniels from learning to tie her shoes or paint her nails. So as far as the Columbus, Ohio, teenager was concerned, why would it stop her from becoming a great dancer? “When she’s onstage, I fight off tears every time — and I’ve […]

Colts owner Jim Irsay spends $335,500 to buy controversial Les Paul guitar

Some expected the guitar to fetch upwards of a million dollars.

Pharrell Williams is writing a children’s book. You’ll never guess what it’s based on.

And you thought you were going to go a little while without having "Happy" stuck in your head.

Would you pay $2 million for this guitar?

Les Paul guitar to go up for auction.

Gourmet Symphony: Wining and dining a new audience for classical music

D.C.'s new Gourmet Symphony pairs gourmet food and drink with classical music to give audiences a new, more welcoming musical experience.

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