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First top-ranking black woman at prestigious company is important step forward in widening the range of accepted female beauty.

The announcement last night that the Australian-born Melissa Chiu will be the museum’s new director may help accomplish new energy and drive.

Washington museums' benefactors

KenCen concert offers rare look at Schwartz's "Children of Eden," with natable performances by Broadway's Jordan and Brown

The Free People ad was meant to promote its dancewear but has drawn a chorus of boos in the comments section.

Walter Isaacson, biographer, journalist and head of the Aspen Institute, delivered the 43rd annual Jefferson Lecture Monday night at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

George Bush unveils his paintings on 'Today Show'

The Corcoran Gallery will unveil its refreshed European galleries tomorrow, and included among the works on display is this impish fellow, Etienne-Maurice Falconet’s “Menacing Cupid.”

Chu needs to act to keep funding for the arts

What do photographs of presidents in solitude say?

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