While it's pretty great to be one of the most successful acts in Nashville, it's also a contentious time thanks to the 'bro country' backlash.

And is his version of “Classic Man” the song of the summer?

The country music power couple confirmed the news to the Associated Press: "This is not the future we envisioned."

He's helping to revive a dead trend: songs on movie soundtracks where rappers summarize the plot in rhyme

The 22-year-old's new hit feels like the work of an expert.

While past attempts have fizzled, "Want to Want Me" may put Jason Derulo into the Song of the Summer conversation.

A ranked selection of notable new recordings we heard in June.

Recent controversy has illustrated how extraordinarily difficult it is for women to succeed on country radio.

The Apple incident was pretty remarkable, and also reminiscent of the Spotify debacle -- which ended very differently.

The U.S. market largely turned on them after the Natalie Maines controversy a decade ago.

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