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Posted at 12:11 PM ET, 07/27/2011

Lunchline: Is Piers Morgan a trustworthy journalist?

I went to an event last night held by The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the Department of Public Works designed to be a ‘close up look’ at graffiti in the city. It was embarrassingly awful, and a clear indication that the city has made absolutely no progress in trying to work with street artists in a productive manner. Ugh.

The Silver Plaza fountain in downtown Silver Spring. (Jeffrey Porter/For The Washington Post)
Downtown Silver Spring isn’t what it used to be. The bustling plaza that’s home to various restaurants, retail stores and open space was conceived as a place where families, teens and young adults would all be able to congregate and have fun in the same location. But in recent years, things between local street crews have escalated in the area as the night got older. Now, after a large street fight involving more than 80 people earlier this month, the County Council is ready to make some changes. The Post’s Michael Laris and Dan Morse report on the effort to institute a curfew after 11 p.m. in Montgomery County.

Pastry chef Chris Ford, center, and others in Rogue 24’s open kitchen. (Dayna Smith - FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)
It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to pay to eat out in this economy’s current state. Tapas places that gives you three bites of food for $40 seems to be booming and the influence of ‘Top Chef’ has made the experience of so-called fine dining more popular for regular folks. That being the case, chef R.J. Cooper has taken things to another level. The Post’s Tim Carman previews the opening of Cooper’s tasting menu at Rogue 24 which he calls ‘The Journey,’ a $120, 24-course concept that “essentially turns every one of the restaurant’s 52 seats into a spot at the chef’s table.”

Piers Morgan. (FRED PROUSER)
Piers Morgan is not just the loveable cherubic lad he portrays himself as on CNN. In his yesteryear, Morgan was a top-level caporegime in Rupert Murdoch’s media mafia as a former News of the World and Daily Mirror editor in England. Now, as a high-profile talk show host, his past was immediately called into question when his former paper folded for questionable practices in obtaining information. Morgan denied any knowledge of the situation at the time. Small problem: In a previous interview with the BBC, he admitted he was well aware of the phone-tapping. The Telegraph’s Jon Swaine reports.

If Anders Behring Breivik is convicted for his role in the mass killing in Oslo, he won’t exactly be doing hard time. Norway is one of the most criminal-friendly places on Earth, from its legal system and sentencing laws to its correctional facilities. The goal in the Scandinavian nation is genuine rehabilitation not necessarily harsh punishment for deeds done wrong. Foreign Policy offers a photo essay of “Halden Prison — the country’s second-largest and most secure facility — [which] looks more like a posh sleepaway camp.”

Reskins QB Donovan MCNabb (5) may be on his way to Minnesota. (Jonathan Newton - THE WASHINGTON POST)
The Redskins’ annual player swap meet is underway, this time just a couple months behind schedule. The lockout delayed the team’s annual off-season spending spree, but fear not, some signings have been made. The team held on to WR Santana Moss and have agreed to terms with Barry Cofield, a former New York Giants defensive lineman. Also, Donovan McNabb may be headed to Minnesota. And on the diamond, it’s that time of year again: the Nats are in last place in the NL East.

Extra Bites

• I love a flashmob as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure that a company presentation by the CEO is the place to pull one. Especially if it’s just you and the rest of the interns doing it. But, I guess things are pretty laxed around the offices at LinkedIn. I wonder if they’ll be putting this on their networking profiles as ‘team-building experience.’

• This week’s Single File from Click Track includes an Amy Winehouse tribute from M.I.A. and selections from Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Curren$y’s upcoming mixtape.

• If this photo gallery doesn’t put you in a better mood, then your cord’s unplugged.

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