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Posted at 11:27 AM ET, 08/17/2011

Lunchline: It’s hard not to like John Wall

I saw '30 Minutes or Less' starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride last night, and it wasn't half bad. The writer of the movie playfully paid homage to a few action/buddy/comedy staples such as "Lethal Weapon," "Die Hard," "Bill Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Point Break," with a dash of Harold and Kumar. Funny flick.

As a newspaper editor, very rarely does a semi-serious headline make me laugh out loud. But when I saw the
words 'Montel Williams Seeks D.C. Pot License' on my screen yesterday, I couldn't help it. It's funny not only because the talk show host and pitchman is an advocate of medical marijuana (he's established himself as the public face of a dispensary in Sacramento already) but also because I immediately remembered this hilarious sketch from the still underrated MADtv back in the day (semi-NSFW). DePost's Mike DeBonis reports.

This week has unfortunately seen the murders of two 90+-year-old women in the area. First was the case of Viola Drath,91, the Washington journalist/socialite whose husband has been charged with second-degree murder in her killing. That guy, Albretch Guro Muth, who's some 40 years his wife's junior, claims to be a member of the Iraqi Army. Also, police say 92-year-old Thelma Steele was found dead in her ransacked Forestville, Md., home Monday. Very sad in both cases.

I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that the MLK Memorial is going to be extremely popular. The much-anticipated opening of the sculpture and site is already a star-studded affair, and a sneak peek to the event designed for District residents had such heavy demand that Mayor Gray had to open it up to all comers. The project and foundation responsible for it still need money, and The Root shows who has already donated and how much. The list may surprise you.

Yesterday, I put out a challenge to my Twitter followers. I dared just one person to take a picture at Graffiato, Mike Isabella's super-popular Chinatown restaurant, without using Instagram or Hipstamatic. Kate Dixon came through in the clutch, defying the trend of the masses. Props to her. But while you folks out snapping filtered photos of on-tap prosecco, some are doing the same for the war in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy reports.

You can tell a lot about an athlete by what they choose to do
Washington Wizards basketball player John Wall shows off the new Wizards uniforms. (Evan Vucci - AP)
during a work stoppage. NFL player Chad Ochocinco somewhat famously went on a tour of non-football sporting endeavors, doing everything from playing soccer to riding a bull. But with the NBA lockout looming, the Wizards John Wall is considering using his newfound off-time more seriously. He might go back to school at Kentucky, The Post's Michael Lee reports. It's hard not to like that kid.

Extra Bites

• Being a complete and thorough maniac about pho, I have no idea how I'd never heard of the food truck Phonomeno that sold the delicious soup as well as modified Bahn Mi sammies. And the first time I learned of what sounds like the most glorious truck ever, I read that it's closing down due to internal conflicts. For shame.

• The Post's Click Track's Singles File features three songs I like and two songs that I don't. I'll let you guess which ones are which. Language alert, obviously, kids.

• You think your apartment is cool? Pfft. Get a load of these sweet bird nests.

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