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Posted at 12:31 PM ET, 07/07/2011

Lunchline: Remembering 7/7

Some readers asked me to explain why I don't have a problem with steroids in Major League Baseball. In short, professionals are paid to be the best athletes they can be, and if they want to risk jail to gain an advantage, that's their right. But I will not be juiced when I join The Post's softball team for the MMSL playoffs this weekend. Express had a team, until we folded. Sadbear.

Whether you drive or take public transit, keeping one's sanity on the way to work is not easy. Yesterday, a guy apparently snapped and using a gun and a hammer attacked a Jeep SUV that was outfitted with a speed camera. A state contractor inside the Jeep, which was parked on the side of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, managed to escape unharmed. The attack created a mess along the main thoroughfare all day, and this guy is still on the loose, according to police. Yikes. He's described as white, 60 to 65 years old, 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds, with gray hair and wearing a red-and-blue-checked shirt and blue jeans. The Post's Allison Klein reports.

The recession has hit men harder than women, but the recovery has had the reverse effect. As people move back into the workforce nationally, men are faring much better, partially because they are taking jobs in sectors traditionally occupied by women. A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that despite the gains, men are still far behind overall in employment across the country. The Post's Neil Irwin and Brady Dennis report on the shift in employment demographics that some say is largely due to layoffs in the public sector.

Kain Cephas stirred chili cooking at D.C. Central Kitchen on June 27. It was Cephas's first day on the job as part of the D.C. Department of Employment Services Summer Youth Employment Program for 2011. (Mark Gail - THE WASHINGTON POST)
One of the traditional rites of passage for American teenagers is holding down a not-so-glorious summer job. If you weren't stuck in summer school, you might have been out flipping burgers or slinging frozen yogurt as a way to gain a little financial independence from the parents. For me, it was moving furniture in a warehouse. But as academic rigors increase in high school and a higher minimum wage has changed the way minors can be paid, fewer teens than ever seem to be working during summer break. Slate's Annie Lowrey explains why.

A view of Dulles Toll Road from the Wiehle Avenue overpass where the Silver Line of the Metro is being extended to Dulles Airport. (Jahi Chikwendiu - The Washington Post)
The Dulles Metrorail project is officially at money pit status. It seems like every day, someone else is coming out with a different opinion on what should be done about the airport station. Now, the Federal Transit Administration is recommending that Metro buy fewer cars for the line, as a way to save money. Seems obvious, but as things go with the transit system, nothing is easily decided. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on the latest Silver Line developments.

Jeff Halpern grew up in Potomac and is back on the Capitals after he left following the 2005-06 season. (Paul Chiasson - THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Jeff Halpern is my third-favorite Capitals player of all time. So when I heard he was re-signing with the Caps, I was pretty excited. Then I thought, "Wait a second, Halpern's still playing hockey?" Turns out the Potomac native has bounced around the league for the past couple years with injuries, but still wants to contribute, according to The Post's Katie Carrera. In less fortunate hometown athlete news, former Hoya and DeMatha star Austin Freeman was ticketed for a DUI last month. Bummer.

Extra Bites

• Comedy Central is hosting a roast for Charlie Sheen that it plans to air on the same night as CBS debuts the new "Two and A Half Men." Not at the same time, mind you — the cable network apparently isn't that bold. But it could be pretty funny nonetheless, considering the subject.

• It's been six years since the bombings in London that killed more than 50 people. In remembrance, here's an audio slideshow that retraces the tragic events from less than 24 hours after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics.

• Although it is popular globally, can alcohol and fast food mix in the U.S.? Let me know.

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