The Clintons’ finances are way too complex for the average person. That’s a problem.

"Everyday Americans" can't relate to having "pass through" companies.

The U.S. just indicted top world soccer officials. Here’s John Oliver’s takedown of FIFA. (VIDEO)

The comedian details the allegations against soccer's governing body.

Why aren’t millennials running for office? It’s not because they’re turned off. It’s age.

Millennials will get to the Hill. Give them a few years.



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President Obama’s legacy is increasingly in legal jeopardy

From Obamacare to climate change and now immigration.

Here’s the U.S. map — if all congressional districts were the same size

It looks about right till you get West of the Mississippi.

Texas lawmakers almost come to blows over abortion

Abortion politics lead to another scene.

Why Republicans need Carly Fiorina on their debate stage, in 1 New Yorker cover

Too many dudes.

A new bill in Congress would make your booze cheaper (a little)

You pay more in federal taxes for whiskey, gin and rum than you do for beer or wine.

The hot new trend in D.C.: Running for your old seat in a better election cycle

Republicans win seats in midterms; Democrats win the seats back in presidential years.

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