Bruce Jenner said he’s Republican. Only 21 percent of LGBT Americans are.

"I've always been on the more conservative side," Jenner told Diane Sawyer

Hillary Clinton trolls PETA

The Clinton campaign wants to give you a sticker ... to put on your cat?

Obama still has one year to fulfill his promise to call it the Armenian ‘genocide’

Campaign promises versus foreign-policy realities.

Can Hollywood help Martin O’Malley take on Hillary Clinton?

Hollywood delivered for Obama in 2008, but some have warmed to Clinton.

A report says immigrants will account for 82 percent of U.S. growth by 2060. That’s misleading.

There's a big caveat.

This is the most controversial Correspondents’ Dinner speech ever. But nobody knew it at the time.

Stephen Colbert. The one and only.

Ted Cruz is getting heat for missing the Loretta Lynch vote. It matters more that he skipped so many others.

(We couldn't come up with a good "Cruz miss-ile" joke.)

The Democrats’ white-voter problem — in 2 maps

The challenge ahead for Hillary Clinton.

How a celebrity prepares for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

"Oh, hello there, Congressman White-Man-Whose-Name-I-Don't-Remember."

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