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Live-blogging President Obama’s jobs speech

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What’s the only thing better than one live blog? Answer: Two live blogs!

After live-blogging the Reagan Library Republican debate Wednesday night, the Fix posse is back for more tonight. (We are like the Johnny Vander Meer of live blogs.)

We will be live-blogging President Obama’s jobs speech beginning around 6:45 eastern time. The speech to a joint session of Congress is set to begin at 7 pm and will end — trust us — before the 8 pm kickoff of the NFL season.

Not participated in our live blogs before? Think of it like “Mystery Science Theater 3000” but for politics. How can you go wrong?

<iframe src=”” scrolling=”no” height=”550px” width=”454px” frameBorder =”0” ><a href=”” >Fix live blog of President Obama’s jobs speech</a></iframe>

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