Stephen Colbert on Republican veepstakes (VIDEO)

at 11:16 AM ET, 04/19/2012

The Fix is a big fan of Stephen Colbert. (And, yes, this is a blatant ploy to get on the “Colbert Report” when the “Gospel According to the Fix” comes out in July.)

Colbert — along with partner in crime Jon Stewart — do more politics than almost anyone else on cable television and, yes, they have influence.

So, we thought it worth flagging to Fix readers that Colbert did an entire segment on the Republican vice presidential sweepstakes — and specifically Ohio Sen. Rob Portman — on Wednesday night.

Here’s the segment:

Of Portman sharing the ticket with Romney, Colbert joked: “It’s like the bland leading the bland.” Then, he speculated that Portman might have too much charisma and suggested “a headless Joseph A. Bank mannequin or a rice cake or a heel of white bread” as Romney’s running mate.

Portman, smartly playing the good sport, tweeted this to Colbert this morning:

Underestimate the power of Colbert, Stewart and “Saturday Night Live” to influence the daily political conversation at your peril. Plus everyone in politics takes themselves a little too seriously. We could all use a good laugh.

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