The Fix 2.0

Change is afoot at the Fix.

As you likely have noticed, the way that the blog looks on the web is a bit different today than it was yesterday. That's because we've switched content management systems to one a little bit better suited to the demands of the blog.

The change is largely a behind-the-scenes deal that shouldn't impact your experience on the blog all that much.  The one major change: Rather than having the first few paragraphs of each item posted on the Fix's front page, you'll now simply see a summary of each post. That should allow you to more quickly scroll through all of the Fix posts and decide which most interest you. (Answer: All of them.)

Like any change, there will undoubtedly be a few glitches over the next few days as we  fully implement the new Fix. Stick with us.  We have a team of people much smarter than us working on it.

There are also a few other changes worth taking note of in FixWorld.

* Sean Sullivan is the newest deputy Fix. As you've already seen from his great work on this site -- he wrote the Wisconsin Senate primary story last night, for example -- he is just the kind of reporter we like here: Young, hungry and incredibly nerdy when it comes to politics.

Sean comes to the Fix from Hotline where he was running their "On Call" blog.  You can follow him on Twitter @FixSean.  Let's make him feel welcome -- and by that we mean attack him relentlessly in the comments section. (We kid, kind of.)

* Rachel Weiner aka @FixRachel begins a new adventure tomorrow as she takes over our Election 2012 blog. Rachel will be live-blogging the 2012 campaign from that spot, providing a daily diary of what you need to know when you need to know it.  We'll be linking heavily to her blog in this space -- and vice versa -- but make sure to bookmark it too. Stop by tomorrow morning and help her christen her new venture.

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