A note of thanks

November 6, 2012

For the past seven-ish years, I have written about politics -- and a smidgen about policy -- on a daily, and often hourly, basis in this space.

It has been -- and continues to be -- a labor of love.The chance to report on and write about politics is a rare one that I try to never take for granted.  And the chance to interact with a like-minded community of political nerds -- I say that with all possible affection -- from across the county and even across the world has been among the most gratifying experiences of my life.

On Election Day 2012, now seems like the right time to simply say "thank you".  For your support, your feedback and, yes, even your critiques. Politics is the most important game in the world. Thanks for watching it alongside me all these years.

Chris Cillizza writes “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. He also covers the White House.
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Chris Cillizza · November 6, 2012