‘Ask Aaron’: A new Fix/Post Politics live chat launches today

For devoted followers of The Fix's weekly chats, we've got good news.

(LM Otero/Associated Press)

Starting today, I will be hosting a second political live chat, called "Ask Aaron." Join me at 2 p.m. here.

Today's chat will focus on the Mark Sanford-Elizabeth Colbert Busch special election in South Carolina, but any and all political topics (and some non-political ones) are fair game.

Chris Christie's weight-loss surgery? The race for the White House in 2016? The gun and immigration debates? Gay marriage? Bipartisan golf?

Topics that will not be discussed include "Battlestar Galactica," "Friday Night Lights," Georgetown basketball and Oreo cookies. (Sorry, Chris.)

Submit your questions now!

Aaron Blake covers national politics and writes regularly for The Fix.
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