This GIF tells the story of Red America vs Blue America

December 31, 2013

Reading Dan Balz's terrific piece over the weekend about the reddening (and blue-ing) of state legislatures (and governorships) in recent years set us to digging through the Internet for other ways to visualize the red-blue movement over the decades.  Thanks to the "Map Porn" subreddit  -- yes, that is the real name -- we came across this great GIF that details the county-by-county presidential results in presidential elections from 1960 through 2004.

Of particular interest to us: 1) The remarkable impact that Ross Perot's 1992 independent campaign had on the map 2) The reddening of the middle of the country in 2000 and 2004 3) The George Wallace effect in the South in  the 1968 campaign. What strikes you? (Click on the map for a bigger version.)

Chris Cillizza writes “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. He also covers the White House.
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Chris Cillizza · December 31, 2013