John F. Kennedy, age 30

May 29, 2014
Al Fenn—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Al Fenn—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

John F. Kennedy, the nation's 35th president, would have been 97 years old today.

While Kennedy is among the most-chronicled presidents in history -- with apologies to Abraham Lincoln -- we were struck by the picture above, which captures Kennedy in 1947, at age 30 and in his first term representing the 11th district of Massachusetts.  In 10 years, he'd be a Senator.  In 13 years, he'd be elected president. In 16 years, he'd be dead.

The photo comes from the archives of, which has a stunning series of rarely or never-seen-before images of Kennedy throughout his political careerYou absolutely must check it out.

Chris Cillizza writes “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. He also covers the White House.
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