Which of the 2016 candidates lives in the least economically equal area? We’ll give you one guess.

July 1, 2014

Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2016 (let's be honest), spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Monday on the topic of income inequality. It's a fraught topic for Clinton, who has repeatedly been tripped up as she tries to find the right balance between Bill-Clinton-circa-1994 style "I feel your pain" on economic issues and Bill-Clinton-circa-2014 style wealth.

Whenever the topic of income inequality comes up, there's a natural inclination to question the income of the person discussing the issue and, more broadly, the income inequality to which those people are exposed. So we figured we'd cut to the chase. Below, the net worth and income inequality measurements for each of the likely 2016 candidates.


All of the inequality data is measured in the Gini coefficient, a measure of how far a community (or state or nation) is from a perfect distribution of incomes. The larger the figure, the more unequal the population being measured. You can't measure it in, say, a household, so we took a look at the home counties for the various candidates. And among them, no one lives in a community more unequal than ... Hillary Clinton.

Her hometown of Chappaqua is in New York's tony Westchester County, with inequality numbers above and poverty levels below the national average. At the bottom of the list? Rep. Paul Ryan, who likes in Janesville, Wisconsin, a less unequal place than America on the whole. (A note: Mike Huckabee's adopted home on the Florida coast wasn't in the dataset we looked at, presumably because the population was too small.)

All data below is from the Census Bureau's 2012 data.

1. Hillary Clinton (D)

Home: Chappaqua, Westchester County, New York

Net worth: $5,200,000
Gini coefficient, Westchester County: 0.5349
Overall poverty rate: 10.1
Child poverty rate: 12.7


2. Marco Rubio (R)

Home: Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Net worth: $259,019
Gini coefficient, Miami-Dade County: 0.5201
Overall poverty rate: 20.8
Child poverty rate: 29.6


3. Ted Cruz (R)

Home: Houston, Harris County, Texas

Net worth: $1,029,049
Gini coefficient, Harris County: 0.4977
Overall poverty rate: 18.8
Child poverty rate: 28


4. Rick Perry (R)

Home: Austin, Travis County, Texas

Net worth: $1,300,000
Gini coefficient, Travis County: 0.4919
Overall poverty rate: 18.4
Child poverty rate: 26.4


5. Bobby Jindal (R)

Home: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Net worth: $2,700,000
Gini coefficient, East Baton Rouge Parish: 0.4918
Overall poverty rate: 20.4
Child poverty rate: 29.3


6. Scott Walker (R)

Home: Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Net worth: $0
Gini coefficient, Milwaukee County: 0.467
Overall poverty rate: 22.3
Child poverty rate: 32.4


7. Chris Christie (R)

Home: Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey

Net worth: $4,000,000
Gini coefficient, Morris County: 0.4508
Overall poverty rate: 4.3 percent
Child poverty rate: 4.4 percent


8. Rand Paul (R)

Home: Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky

Net worth: $231,006
Gini coefficient, Warren County: 0.4343
Overall poverty rate: 20.2
Child poverty rate: 28.1


9. Rick Santorum (R)

Home: Great Falls, Fairfax County, Virginia

Net worth: $1,000,000
Gini coefficient, Fairfax County: 0.4229
Overall poverty rate: 5.8
Child poverty rate: 7.8


10. Paul Ryan (R)

Home: Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin

Net worth: $2,206,097
Gini coefficient, Rock County: 0.4209
Overall poverty rate: 15.5
Child poverty rate: 25.7


?. Mike Huckabee (R)

Home: Destin, Walton County, Florida

Net worth: $5,000,000
Gini coefficient, Walton County: Not listed
Overall poverty rate: Not listed
Child poverty rate: Not listed


Philip Bump writes about politics for The Fix. He is based in New York City.
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